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You are invited  to a dinner party  like no other…

“As much a social experiment as a gastronomical voyage of discovery”


£25 contribution per guest

All dietary preferences catered for.

Limited dates throughout August 2015

 Upon Arrival

You will be guided to your seat within the dark dining area (there are no blindfolds) at a table of up to eight other diners.

Games and icebreakers shall be arranged by your host.

We ask that all personal belongings are stored outwith the dining area and mobile phones remain off.

In the Darkness

 Upon entering the darkness your perceived heightened senses will take over, allowing you to experience food and interact with your fellow diners in a new and exciting way.



 Three courses from our specially created menu will keep you guessing while you enjoy every bite.

Palette cleanser

Dessert delights

Guests are invited to bring their drink of choice to enjoy throughout the evening




 7.30 pm – 11.00 pm

Please check confirmation email for full details.


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A portion of all sales is donated to the RNIB – supporting anyone affected by sightloss