Darkside Dining

Birthday 2


Saturday 9th May 2015, Columcille Centre, Edinburgh
 A sensory journey of gastronomical discovery, interaction and games in complete darkness.

 Upon Arrival

You will be served an apéritif with accompanying canapés to calm the nerves and whet the appetite

You will then be introduced to your waiter who will guide you to your seat within the dark dining area

We ask that all personal belongings are stored outwith the dining area


In the Darkness

 Upon entering the darkness your perceived heightened senses will take over, allowing you to experience food and interact with your fellow diners in a new and exciting way

 Three courses from our specially created menu will keep you guessing while you enjoy every bite

Between courses; palette cleansers (shots!), games and seat changes will ensure a jovial atmosphere – shyness need not be an issue as no one will see you!

A trio of desserts shall be served with a single candle to light, allowing you first glimpse of your table companions and an opportunity for photographs


Guests are invited to bring their drink of choice to enjoy throughout the evening


Columcille Centre, 2 Newbattle Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 4RT


Arrival times will vary between 7.30 and 8.30. Please check the confirmation email time.

Post-dividerAll profits from this event were donated to charity: the RNIB